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Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage with Bob Frumhoff LMT, 5th dan aikido

Bob Frumhoff LMT in Flagstaff ArizonaHi, I am Bob Frumhoff, LMT soft tissue therapist, matured martial artist, witness in the healing nature of our intelligent physical body/mind. It is my pleasure to welcome you into my world of Clinical Soft Tissue Massage and Bodywork. I have some big plans and high expectations of our work here together at my Clinic Treatment Centre, my personal creative retreat spa. Integrating a structual perspective to deep soft tissue therapy; attention to posture* gaiting* range of motion* hip balance* nerve related pain* joint swelling* muscle guarding patterns* lost vitality. With a experienced, intuitive feel of creative personal care, my treatment  focus is lasting Clinical results, deeply relaxed, renewed with massage envy-able pricing.   Free phone consultation too !!

If you have had benefit of other therapists work, you would discover that we all bring different backgrounds; skills, perceptions, sense of touch to the table. Deep tissue and relaxation massage, blended with different modalities is often what many folks are used to receiving. Here, the best wholistic environment draws together an experience of clinical deep soft tissue therapy, from many traditions. I believe health is in our nature. A pain free, engaging life together our birthright..... we shall claim it !!

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Now, with thousands of hours of clinical experience, I have developed my work over the years with continuous study and skill sets, born from a classical osteopathy perspective. Ten years ago, I began my study with Dr. Bruno Chikly MD, DO, developer of Lymph Drainage and Brain Tissue Therapies', as well as with, Alaya Chikly, developer of Heart Centered Therapy, via the Chikly Health Institute. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service, bringing my unique skills to your aid.  Please don't wait... call now and recieve your free phone consultation. I am pleased, we may begin our work together.   Bob

Client Testimonials

  • About 5 years ago my husband was having a lot of difficulty with his hip and was considering a hip replacement. My daughter recommended seeing Bob Frumhoff. Her husband, Brad, went to him and her father-in-law, Bill, also went to him when he was having problems with his neck and shoulder. Bob was able to help Bill...

  • Bob, Your Kindness is appreciated. Thank you for all of your time and attention in helping me with my pain issues. Thank you also for working with me on payment. You are truly a kind soul and I really appreciate all you did; and your attentive creativity. -   Kristi F.

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